Hi, thanks for visiting my site. I'm what used to be called a "magazine feature writer," but now that we live in the digital age, let's call me a "long-form writer." I write long-form articles on pop culture, youth movements, and various topics requiring investigatory tools. Some of my articles are weighty, and some not at all.

Right now, I'm a contributing editor at The New York Times magazine and Vanity Fair. I've won a National Magazine Award, the magazine equivalent of a Pulitzer, in profile writing. "Gawker and the Rise of the Creative Underclass," a New York magazine cover story, was a finalist for the feature writing award. A profile of Arianna Huffington was also nominated for a Mirror Award. I'm currently working on my first book.

Please check out my feature archive, linked above. My writing has also been published in these books as well as mentioned in these articles. You can reach me at vanessagri [at] mac.com, and you can sign up for a newsletter with recent stories and updates here.

I am in awe of the service performed by the HER Foundation, which helps women with hyperemesis gravidarum, and Bone Cancer Research Trust U.K., working to solve rare cancers across the pond.

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