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NPR Vanessa talks to Ari Shapiro about Blurred Lines
The Brian Lehrer Show Vanessa speaks with Lehrer on WNYC
The New York Times An adaptation of Blurred Lines' first chapter
The Atlantic Vanessa discusses Title IX with Alia Wong
Lake Effect Vanessa speaks with Mitch Teich of WUWM
Slate Vanessa and Isaac Chotiner discuss campus culture and sexual assault
TIME Magazine Vanessa speaks about Betsy DeVos
Longform Vanessa on the Longform Podcast
Slate's "The Gist" Vanessa talks to Mike Pesca
The Cut Vanessa and Ann Friedman discuss the generational shift in campus sex culture
The Village Voice A Q&A with Lara Zarum
Refinery29 Vanessa interviewed by Amelia Harnish
Public Libraries Online Vanessa discusses reporting Blurred Lines
The Washington Post An interview about efforts to combat sexual assault
Book Talk Vanessa speaks with Kory French of BTR Today
Billboard A Q&A on pop feminism and the role of music stars in promoting or curtailing rape culture
Northeast Public Radio Vanessa talks with Joe Donahue on WAMC
Guest of a Guest Vanessa discusses speaking with accused boys and Hollywood's "year of reckoning"
KUOW News A conversation with author Claire Dederer at a Town Hall event in Seattle
Los Angeles Review of Books Vanessa speaks with Eric Nelson about campus activism in the Trump era
Reason Vanessa in conversation with Nick Gillespie
on campus tribunals and the fear in some corners of "sexual McCarthyism"

GQ An interview on the #MeToo moment and how to avoid a backlash
WKAR News Vanessa talks with Scott Pohl
RadioWest Vanessa talks with Doug Fabrizio about the "mushy middle" on KUER
The New Yorker Blurred Lines, reviewed by Jia Tolentino
The Chicago Tribune Blurred Lines, reviewed by Julia M. Klein
The Daily Beast Blurred Lines, reviewed by Lizzie Crocker
The New York Post Blurred Lines, reviewed in This Week's Must-Read Books
Glamour Vanessa on the changes in campus culture in the last 20 years
Vanity Fair Vanessa on the Trump Administration and Title IX
USA Today Blurred Lines, reviewed by Alia E. Dastagir
TIME Magazine Vanessa on the families of accused boys
The New York Times Vanessa on the Harvey Weinstein effect
The Cut Vanessa on the training course for campus sexual-assault officers
The Daily News Vanessa on predators who seem like good guys
Buzzfeed Vanessa on programs to combat sexual assault on campus

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